Greer fabricates above ground storage tanks & custom tanks for a wide variety of liquids

Steel Above Ground Tanks

Greer specializes in the fabrication of an assortment of above ground steel tanks. We can customize the tank to your specifications.

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Fabricating polyethylene plastic septic tanks

Septic Tanks

We manufacture our septic tanks from steel or polyethylene. Built to last so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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Polyethylene Tanks & Trailers

Our polyethylene tanks are impervious to corrosion and rust, and highly resistant to damage from impact and harsh weather elements.

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Greer fabricates quality steel below ground tanks to UL-58 underground tanks standard

Steel Below Ground Tanks

Greer fabricates steel below ground storage tanks to both UL 58 standards and if required, STI P3® standards.

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Greer Tank, Welding & Steel - Photo of Custom Tank Fabrication

Custom Tank Fabrication

Greer Steel will fabricate tanks to your custom specifications. We can manufacture tanks for many different liquids and applications.

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Greer can add ladders and catwalks to your fuel tank

Steel Tank Customizations

Greer can provide and install tank add-ons and customizations such as stairs and manways.

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Greer Fuel Guards for Fuel Spill Containment

Fuel Guards & Spill Containment

Fuel Guards and Fuel Spill Containment components available in 2 standard sizes or made to project specifications.

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Pump System on a Steel Fuel Tank

Tank Equipment & Accessories

Greer Steel is a distributor for a range of quality tank equipment and accessories.

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Greer Custom Structural & Metal Fabrication - Torch cutting Steel

Custom Metal Fabrication

Our fabricators can bend, cut, roll and fabricate all your custom & structural steel projects. No job is too big or too small.

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Metal Fabrication Parts

Steel & Aluminum Parts

Whether you’re looking for couplings, piping, beams, plates, sheets, tubing, angled parts or nearly anything else, we can help.

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Greer ATV Trailers

ATV Trailers

Our durable ATV trailers are capable of carrying up to 680 pounds and can be easily towed. Great for camping, hunting or yard work.

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