These rectangular polyethylene septic holding tanks can be used in Alaska’s remote bush towns and villages where systems are pumped out on a regular basis.

They can be customized to suit the location – skid-mounted, heat taped, foamed, and coated.

Each of our septic tanks is made with High-Grade Polyethylene plastic that won’t rust or have issues when the temperatures rise and fall throughout the year. This material is stronger, more lightweight, easier to clean, and more reliable than those you might find elsewhere.

Polyethylene Septic Holding Tanks Product Details

Standard Features:
  • High-Grade Polyethylene Plastic Construction.
  • Permafrost Resilient.
  • Can be Customized – Skid-Mounted, Heat Taped, Foamed and Coated
Polyethylene Septic Holding Tanks:

– Weights and dimensions do not include any additional fittings, foam or skid options