Greer 1000 Gallon Steel Underground Septic Tanks

Steel Septic Tanks

Greers’ underground septic tanks are fabricated from durable steel and are buriable to 10 feet.

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Greer makes durable polyethylene septic tanks

10′ Bury Polyethylene Septic Tanks

Durable Polyethylene septic tanks are resistant to rust & corrosion.

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4′ Bury Polyethylene Septic Tanks

Our shallow 4′ bury plastic septic tanks can be buried in high water table conditions.

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Polyethylene Septic Holding Tanks

These polyethylene septic holding tanks can be used in Alaska’s remote bush towns and villages where systems are pumped out on a regular basis.

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Polyethylene Effluent Lift Stations

Lift Stations are needed in situations when the effluent needs to be lifted to a different elevation for the leach field.

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Septic Tank Manhole Risers

PVC manhole risers that make a septic tank’s inlet or outlet chambers accessible if you ever need to get into them.

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