A Greer UL 142 Single Wall Tank is fabricated to meet strict UL standards and comes with a one year warranty. These tanks can be used as fuel tanks for home heating oil, fleet fueling, and farm fueling.

Suitable for above ground storage of a range of flammable and combustible Fuels.

Some sizes are stocked in Lakewood, WA. Customizations available, click on the Customizations tab below for more detail.

Single Wall UL 142 Tank Product Details

Standard Features:
  • A UL 142 tank is equipped with 3”, 4”, 6”, 8” or 10” Emergency Vent opening for primary tank.(sized per UL requirements). Sizes dependent on project specifications.
  • Openings are female national pipe thread (FPNT).
  • Includes 1-1/4” flange for gravity flow w/plug.
  • Tanks larger than 76” in diameter are supplied with 18” manhole per UL-142 specifications.
  • Tanks are designed for stationary use and require a support structure. Call for details.
  • Exterior paint is red oxide or gray shop coat primer. Interior is unpainted.
Optional Features:
  • Gravity fitting
  • OSHA ladders and catwalks
  • Overfill catch basins
  • Remote gauging systems
  • Fill-limiter valves
  • Water draw-off
  • Custom coatings (interior and exterior)
Above Ground Single Wall UL 142 Tank Sizes:

* Tanks are also available as non-UL
** LP – indicates “Low Profile”
*** Other custom sizes available

UL 142 Specifications

UL 142 includes requirements that manufacturers use to design and fabricate aboveground steel tanks, and that certification organizations such as UL use to investigate and List (certify) these tanks. The standard includes a comprehensive set of requirements in the following areas:

• Construction requirements – These include specification for the tank materials, joints, connections, fittings, manholes (if provided), fill, drain and gauge openings, and painting. They also include specific construction requirements for the primary and secondary containment means, supports, etc.

• Performance tests – These requirements include tank leakage, hydrostatic strength, top loading, buoyancy, hydrostatic load, tank support load, and lift lug tests that are designed to verify that the tank design does not exhibit signs of leakage and/or structural damage as a result of these tests.

• Markings and production line test – UL 142 requires tanks to include a specific UL Listing Mark permanently affixed to the tank. The Listing Mark includes the UL symbol, the word “LISTED,” a control number and the name of the tank construction as indicated in the manufacturer’s Listings (e.g. Secondary Containment Aboveground Tank, Generator Base Tank, etc.) In addition, 100% of the production of each Listed primary and secondary containment tank must be tested for leakage by the manufacturer.

Ladders, Stairs, Platforms, Catwalks:

Internal and external ladders, stairs, platforms and catwalks are designed to comply with strict OSHA guidelines.

Greer Diked Fuel Tank with Custom Ladder and Catwalk
Tank Supports:

Greer’s tank supports are designed to keep the tank stationary and also to support and elevate the tank to minimize corrosion concerns. Our supports are available in different designs to accommodate specific installation requirements: UL saddles, skids, cradles or a variety of tank stands.

Fuel Tank on Skid Supports
Custom Manways:

Manways provide access to the tank and include a bolted cover and gasket. A variety of designs can be ordered for your specific project.

Fuel Tank with a Custom Manway
Complete Pump Systems:

Your pump systems packages can be ordered to your specific needs. These can either be mounted on the tank, on a platform, or shipped loose for installation by others.

Pump System on a Steel Fuel Tank
Fuel Guards and Spill Containments:

Our Fuel Guards are powder coated (inside and out) and are available in 5 or 7.5 gallon sizes. The tops are designed so that they may be locked. Spill containments are designed per project spec. and contains 1/2” plunger to return spilled liquids.

Custom Fuel Guards for a Steel Fuel Tank
Alarm Gauges:

These provide detection for leak and level alarms.

Custom fitted gauge on a Greer Fuel Tank

UL-142 Above Ground Tanks

Ten things you need to know.

~ PDF (185KB)