Lift Stations are needed in situations when the effluent needs to be lifted to a different elevation for the leach field. These lift stations are designed to be used where gravity disposal is not possible.

Each of our lift stations is made with High-Grade Polyethylene plastic that won’t rust or have issues when the temperatures rise and fall throughout the year. This material is stronger, more lightweight, easier to clean, and more reliable than those you might find elsewhere.

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Effluent Lift Stations Product Details

Standard Features:
  • To be used where gravity disposal is not possible
  • High-grade polyethylene plastic construction.
  • Permafrost resilient.
  • Rated for maximum burial depth of ten feet overburden.
  • Watertight manholes prevent seeping of groundwater.
Polyethylene Effluent Lift Stations:
Download and view our specs offline. To view them, you may need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat installed on your Mac or PC.

HDPE Lift Stations

Lift stations specification

~ PDF (162KB)

Lift station 6′

6′ lift station specification

~ PDF (4MB)

Lift station 8′

8′ lift station specification

~ PDF (4MB)

Lift station 10′

10′ lift station specification

~ PDF (6MB)