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Polyethylene Plastic Tanks & Trailers

Highly Durable Polyethylene Plastic Tanks & Trailers.

Available at our Fairbanks & Anchorage Facilities.

At Greer, we’ve spent years designing each and every one of our tanks to last you a long time under the most extreme conditions. Our tanks are lightweight, durable, and won’t rust or crack in harsh Alaskan weather conditions.

Above Ground Polyethylene Water Tanks

Polyethylene Underground Water Tanks

Each Greer plastic underground water tank is tested and certified for safely storing potable water. They are lightweight, durable, and won’t rust or crack in our harsh conditions.

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Low Profile Polyethylene Underground Water Tanks

Manufactured for potable water use, these tanks are a shallow bury version of our polyethylene underground water tank lineup.

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Above Ground Polyethylene Water Tanks being manufactured

Plastic Above Ground Water Tanks

Greer’s polyethylene plastic above-ground tanks are NSF approved for storing potable drinking water, are BPA free and are highly resistant to damage from impact and harsh weather elements

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Water Wagon Polyethylene Water Tanks

Polyethylene Mobile Truck Water Tanks

Greer’s high-grade polyethylene plastic Mobile Truck Tanks can easily be loaded onto your truck for easy access to water wherever you are. Light, durable, and impervious to rust or cracking.

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Plastic Ice Melt Tanks

A Greer Ice Melt tank makes melting snow to supplement your water supply simple. Made from high-grade Polyethylene plastic, Greer’s Ice Melt Tanks are light & durable and suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.

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Plastic Pickup Truck Water Tank

These durable polyethylene plastic water tanks are designed to be easily mounted on the bed of your pickup truck. They are available in 3 sizes are NSF approved for storing potable drinking water and are BPA free.

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Greer makes durable polyethylene septic tanks

10′ Bury Polyethylene Septic Tanks

Each of our septic tanks is made with High-Grade Polyethylene plastic that won’t rust or have issues when the temperatures rise and fall throughout the year. Strong, lightweight, easy to clean, and reliable.

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4′ Bury Polyethylene Septic Tanks

Our low profile and shallow 4′ bury plastic septic tanks can be buried in high water table conditions. All these tanks can have up to 4’ of overburden placed on top.

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Polyethylene Septic Holding Tanks

These polyethylene septic holding tanks can be used in Alaska’s remote bush towns and villages where systems are pumped out on a regular basis.

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Polyethylene Effluent Lift Stations

Lift Stations are needed in situations when the effluent needs to be lifted to a different elevation for the leach field.

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Septic Tank Manhole Risers

PVC manhole risers that make the septic tanks inlet or outlet chambers accessible if you ever need to get into them.

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Greer ATV Trailers

ATV Trailers

We’ve designed our ATV Trailers to be strong and durable because we know how hard you’ll be working them.

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