Greer specializes in custom tank fabrication of above and below ground tanks. We can customize a tank to any size or configuration to your specifications. Some key benefits are:

  • All tanks are pressure tested.
  • Horizontal, vertical and rectangular designs available.
  • Diked design is also available.
  • Double-wall design offers integral secondary containment which can be tested for tightness on-site throughout the tank life.
  • Interstitial space can be monitored for leak detection.
  • Primary storage tank and secondary containment are compatible with a wide range of fuels and chemicals.
  • Coatings are available per customer’s specifications.

We also manufacture tanks for many different liquids and applications, including boats, service trucks, trailers and RVs. Greer has full design and drawing capabilities, and we can make any tank to fit your specifications.

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Custom Tank Fabrication Projects

See some of our custom fabricated tank projects in the galleries below.