Highly Durable Septic Tanks

Available at our Anchorage and Fairbanks Facilities

Your septic tank is more than just a plastic bucket holding waste, that means you need a Greer tank that’s been designed to resist the extreme changes we see in Alaska.

Each of our septic tanks is made with High-Grade Polyethylene plastic that won’t rust or have issues when the temperatures rise and fall throughout the year. This material is stronger, more lightweight, easier to clean, and more reliable than those you might find elsewhere. Your tank stays out of sight, out of mind – just like it should.

Polyethylene Septic Tanks Product Details

Standard Features:
  • High-Grade Polyethylene Plastic Construction.
  • Dual Compartment.
  • Permafrost Resilient.
Greer makes durable polyethylene septic tanks
Polyethylene Septic Tanks:

*120” maximum burial depth